A Black woman (me), wearing silver jewellery and a blue-and-white print dress, sits on a stone bench writing in a journal with my back to the camera. On the bench next to me, a portion of a dark-blue, hardcover spiral notebook with a photo of two brown seashells on a white background is visible. Tufts of green grass peek from below the bench.
Photo taken by Rochelle Marshall


Nadine Tomlinson is a Jamaican writer and speculative storyteller. Her short fiction and poetry, which have been featured in Lightspeed Magazine, Grist, adda and elsewhere, explore themes that include humanity’s symbiotic relationship with the natural environment and this connection to ancestral spiritual traditions in the Black Diaspora, and African & contemporary folklore in Jamaican culture.

Published Writings

“The Metamorphosis of Marie Martin”, Lightspeed Magazine

“The Metamorphosis of Marie Martin”, Grist, Fix’s Imagine 2200

“Hair/Her Emancipation”, adda

“What My Country Taught Me”, The I In Politics: A Poetry Collection of Contemporary Voices 

“I, My Grandmother”, Intersect Antigua

“A Jamaican Ode to the Spring Equinox”, Intersect Antigua

“The Guardians”, The Gold Anthology


 Climate Fiction Writers League